About Us

I started CHIC + GLAMOROUS in 2012 to put all that I found beautiful and inspiring in one place. With way too many magazine subscriptions for any one person, I felt all the amazing things that I came across in the world of style, beauty, interiors and life in general were too good not to be shared.

I am hoping that in stopping by this blog you may be inspired to add some chic and glamour to your everyday life. I don’t think great style means you need to break the bank but I do think life is made better with a leopard print pillow added in and a great biker jacket should be considered an investment right along with your 401K.

Amongst other things, I never met a red-carpet I didn’t like and I think it should be illegal to wear crocs. In between writing this blog, I can be found doing my best to live the chic and glamorous life as I attempt to make dinner for my hubs of 11+ years, Craig, cart my eight-year old son around town and walk the other man in my life, our black lab Oliver. However, I will be the one on the block wearing a statement necklace, skinny jeans and leopard flats.

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you want to make my day, leave a comment. I read each and every single one.